About Us


Staff support Horatio Alger Members in carrying out the important mission of the Association and in promoting the values of hard work, integrity and perseverance; the benefits stemming from free enterprise; and the importance of striving for the American Dream. Staff members administer programs for Members as well as more than 70 scholarship programs and services to enable Scholars and Alumni to succeed academically and professionally.


Office of the Executive Director

Terrence J. Giroux
Executive Director 

Constantine G. Katsarakis 
Associate Executive Director 


Membership Programs

Margaret D. Slipek
Manager of Membership Programs & Assistant to the Executive Director

Lindsey B. Kihlström
Membership & Development Programs Assistant 

Michael Alexander Roberts
Membership & Development Programs Assistant 


Finance & Administration

John Thornburg 
Chief Financial Officer

Joyce Alimusa
Accounting Manager

Debra J. Stancil
Manager of  Nominations & Administration 


Educational & Alumni Programs

Kristen R. Law
Senior Director of Educational & Alumni Programs

Aaron House
International Manager of Scholar & Alumni Services

Margaret Johnston
Manager of Scholarship Administration

Leah Zapata
Educational and Alumni Program Assistant

Katie Cordova
Senior Scholar Services & Data Coordinator

Melissa D’mello
Scholar Services Coordinator

Erica LaMarche
Scholar Services Coordinator

Kianna Rollins
Scholar Services Coordinator

Annika Sampedro
Scholar Services Coordinator

Traci Strunk
Scholar Services Coordinator