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The Horatio Alger Association is committed to fostering a network that supports the professional growth, social connection, and continuing engagement of Horatio Alger Scholars following graduation. The Alumni Association offers many opportunities for involvement, such as organizing or attending networking events, reaching out to and mentoring current Scholars, participating in fundraising drives, volunteering for events, and supporting the implementation of our educational programs and services. By actively participating in the Association’s initiatives, Alumni can enjoy numerous benefits, such as enhancing their professional networks, gaining opportunities to give back and mentor others, as well as staying connected to the Association and its Members who played a critical role in their educational journey. Such engagement promotes a continuous cycle of mentorship and support that extends the impact of the Association and helps generations of students in their pursuit of the American Dream.

Alumnus of the Year

David MOU (‘o4)


David Mou was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1986, to Chinese immigrant parents who ran a small restaurant and instilled the importance of education in their twin sons. He received the Horatio Alger National Scholarship in 2004. He went on to attend Harvard University, graduating in 2008 with honors in neurobiology and winning the Thomas Hoopes Prize for his exceptional thesis. Mou further pursued an MD/MBA program at Harvard Medical School and Harvard Business School, becoming a board-certified psychiatrist and completing his residency at Massachusetts General Hospital and McLean Hospital. In his student years, he founded a healthcare education company and later co-founded Valera Health, a telehealth company providing mental healthcare. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to Cerebral, one of the fastest-growing telehealth companies, first as Chief Medical Officer and subsequently as CEO. Mou envisions Cerebral democratizing access to high-quality mental healthcare, eliminating wait times, and making mental health services as accessible as physical check-ups. Through his efforts, he is continually contributing to revolutionizing the mental healthcare landscape. David attributes much of his success to the Horatio Alger Association’s support which he reciprocates through his volunteering.

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