September 10, 2019

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Seven Outstanding Horatio Alger Scholars Awarded Dennis Washington Leadership Graduate Scholarships

In partnership with the Horatio Alger Association, the Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation provides scholarships of up to $120,000 to Horatio Alger Alumni Scholars who wish to pursue masters or doctoral degrees in business, engineering, medicine, applied sciences or education

WASHINGTON, D.C. (September 10, 2019) – Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, Inc., a nonprofit educational organization honoring the achievements of remarkable individuals and encouraging youth to pursue their dreams through higher education, announced the seven recipients of the 2019 Dennis Washington Leadership Graduate Scholarship. Endowed in 2008 and funded by the Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation in partnership with the Horatio Alger Association, the scholarship provides financial assistance to Horatio Alger Alumni Scholars who aspire to obtain graduate or doctoral degrees. Since 2008, the program has awarded more than $5 million in scholarships. In 2019, the seven recipients will be eligible to receive up to $120,000 each.

The Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation was established in 1988 by Dennis Washington, chairman emeritus of the Horatio Alger Association, and his wife, Phyllis. Since that time, the Foundation has donated more than a third of a billion dollars to charitable causes. The Foundation, which supports deserving individuals in an effort to better society as a whole, established its Leadership Graduate Scholarship program to provide financial assistance exclusively to Horatio Alger undergraduate scholarship recipients who are committed to obtaining a graduate degree. Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and have exemplified leadership, integrity and perseverance in overcoming personal adversity. They should also exhibit a passion for entrepreneurship and a commitment to community service.

“Since Dennis’ induction in 1995, we have been strong proponents of the Horatio Alger Association’s educational mission,” said Phyllis Washington, co-founder, the Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation and chair of the selection committee for this scholarship. “We are proud to continue our partnership with the Association to help these inspiring and courageous Scholars pursue their goals.”

The following Horatio Alger Alumni Scholars will receive up to $120,000 each in their pursuit of a master’s, doctoral or professional degree:

“The longtime partnership between the Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation and Horatio Alger Association is a testament to the unwavering dedication of our Members and their Life Partners,” said Terrence J. Giroux, executive director, Horatio Alger Association. “Dennis and Phyllis are inspiring individuals and exceptional role models. We are grateful for their continued generosity in providing opportunities for Horatio Alger Scholars to further their educational pursuits.”

Since the establishment of its scholarship programs in 1984, more than 25,000 students from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Canada have received more than $175 million in undergraduate, graduate and specialized scholarships. In 2000, 16 years after the establishment of its National Scholarship Program, the Association began funding scholarships concentrated in each state to further its mission of assisting deserving young people to pursue higher education. Additionally, Horatio Alger Members fund a series of Specialized Scholarships, which target students attending specific academic institutions or pursuing certain degree programs.

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About Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans:

Founded in 1947, the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, Inc. is dedicated to the simple but powerful belief that hard work, honesty and determination can conquer all obstacles. The Association honors the achievements of outstanding leaders who have accomplished remarkable successes in spite of adversity by bestowing upon them the Horatio Alger Award and inducting them as lifetime Members. Horatio Alger Members support promising young people with the resources and confidence needed to overcome adversity in pursuit of their dreams through higher education. Through the generosity of its Members and friends, in 2018, the Association awarded more than $16 million in undergraduate and graduate need-based scholarships across the United States and Canada, and also provided college support and mentoring services to its Scholars. Since 1984, the Association has awarded more than $175 million in college scholarships to more than 25,000 deserving young people. For more information, please visit

About Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation:

Founded in 1988, the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation is the major philanthropic organization for The Washington Companies and the Washington family. Funding for the Foundation comes primarily from personal contributions from the Washington Family and profits of The Washington Companies. The Foundation focuses in the areas of education, arts and culture, health and human services, and community service. Since its inception, Foundation giving and the Washington family’s personal contributions and pledges to charitable causes total over a third of a billion dollars. The Foundation website is located at