November 19, 2020 

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Over 200 Exceptional Students Awarded  2020 Horatio Alger Specialized Scholarships  

 The Horatio Alger Association provides nearly $4.4 million in Specialized Scholarships to promising students through the generosity of its Members  

WASHINGTON, D.C. (November 19, 2020) – Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, Inc., a nonprofit educational organization honoring the achievements of outstanding individuals and encouraging youth to pursue their dreams through higher education, today announced over 200 students from across the nation will receive Specialized Scholarships funded through the generosity of Horatio Alger Members. These scholarships recognize remarkable students who are overcoming great personal adversity and show an unwavering commitment to pursue their dreams through higher education.  

Through the Specialized Scholarship program, Horatio Alger Members fund a series of scholarships which target students attending specific academic institutions or pursuing certain degree programs. 2020 Horatio Alger Scholars come from households with an average annual income of $22,783 and maintain an average GPA of 3.71. They are awarded between $10,000 and $52,000 to apply toward the educational costs of their college or university and will have access to a variety of Association-provided resources including counseling and referral services, career exploration opportunities and Alumni connections.  

“The 2020 Horatio Alger Specialized Scholars are a remarkable group of individuals who have remained dedicated to furthering their education while facing significant personal challenges,” said James F. Dicke II, president, Horatio Alger Association and 2015 Horatio Alger Award recipient. “Our Scholars demonstrate integrity and perseverance in all they do, and we are proud to support them throughout college and beyond.”  

Specialized Scholarships are funded through the generosity of the following individuals, institutions and organizations:

“Our Horatio Alger Members are dedicated to providing young people the resources needed to overcome adversity and obtain a college degree,” said Terrence J. Giroux, executive director, Horatio Alger Association. “We admire their commitment and are grateful for their ongoing support of our mission.”  

Since the establishment of the Horatio Alger Association’s scholarship programs in 1984, more than 25,000 students from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Canada have received more than $193 million in undergraduate, graduate and specialized scholarships. In 2020, the Association awarded more than $21 million in scholarships. 

For more information about the Horatio Alger Association and to see a full listing of its 2020 Specialized Scholars, please click here. Follow the organization on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.  


About Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans:  

Founded in 1947, the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, Inc. is dedicated to the simple but powerful belief that hard work, honesty and determination can conquer all obstacles. The Association honors the achievements of outstanding leaders who have accomplished remarkable successes in spite of adversity by bestowing upon them the Horatio Alger Award and inducting them as lifetime Members. Horatio Alger Members support promising young people with the resources and confidence needed to overcome adversity in pursuit of their dreams through higher education. Through the generosity of its Members and friends, in 2020, the Association awarded more than $21 million in undergraduate and graduate need-based scholarships to 2,500 students across the United States and Canada, and provided college support and mentoring services to its Scholars. Since 1984, the Association has awarded more than $193 million in undergraduate, graduate, military veteran and career and technical education scholarships to more than 25,000 deserving students. For more information, please visit  

2020 Horatio Alger Specialized Scholars 

Boise State Scholars: Jordyn Croft-Goeken, Heidi Groves, Eduardo Hernandez, Zephania Mireles, Eric Storch 

Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation Scholars: Sandra Arredondo, Baylee Davis, Norman Gonzalez, Elisha Hatch, Jamie Spence 

Denny Sanford – Arizona State University Scholars: Eduardo Aguilar Beltran, Asia Bach, Denisse Camacho,Anyang Celbirio,Shefali Chandra, Magnolia Cruz Suhul, Aubrey Halverson, Alexa Johnson, Erika Luna, Alexis Marin, Isabella Marrero, Sonny Molinar, Roselin Myint, Philana Nguyen, Daisy Ortega, Madison Perales, Diana Salha, Derek Sanchez, Fanny Sanchez Villarreal, Delaney Snyder, Maria Vargas Morales, Geneva Vu 

Denny Sanford – Augustana University Scholars: Dalwa Alinizi, Raina Bolduc, Alexis Clemon, Shelby Fray, Allison Johnson, Jennifer Leon, Rocio Leon, Alexandria Robinson, Samantha Skarstad, Carlie Terrall, McKenzie Young  

Denny Sanford – Black Hills State University Scholars: Cassidy Allen, Hunter Anderson, Emma Avery, Jade Carroll, Alexis Cherveny, Alexis Crow, Daniel Egemo, Sage Falk, Joseph Fasso, Raine Flick, Joella Fowler, Jayson Hancock, Katy Hutchins, Rachel Larcher, Faith Naso, Gabriel Nelson, Nick Pixler, Isabella Rodriguez, Daniel Schilling, Taryn Stedillie, Coralee Swan, Gabryelle Wieme 

Denny Sanford – Dakota State University Scholars: Megan Beyer, Jade Burma, Daniel Eager, Michael Finn, Jacquelyn Folkers, Kathryn Goss, Grace Latimer, Cameron Maynard, Garrett Mogck, Cyrene Paulsen, Trent Raysby, Destiny Thunder, Joshua Van Beek, Travis Ziegler 

Denny Sanford – Long Island University Scholars: Ashanti Abraham, Etsy Blas, Giovanna Brafmann, Edwin Buhler, Jeremiah Burch, Sarahi Castro, Joseph Griggs, Amaya Henry, Tyrisse Hyman, Gabriella Mingin, Eric Miranda, Emily Money, Faith Morgan, Afrida Rahman, Maryam Tariq, Brian Walker 

Denny Sanford – National University Scholars: Caitlin Alva, Cathy Camarero, Edward Furlan, Alfredo Gonzalez, Demetria Gray, Hannah Kushner, Amber Lewis, Jacquelyn Major, Cassidy Pemberton, Kassie Speelmon, Ashtin Webb 

Denny Sanford – Nova Southeastern University Scholars: Genesis Castro Agosto, Gisel Egeraige, Mia Marques 

Denny Sanford – South Dakota School of Mines Scholars: Amanda Cooley, Zachariah Hayward, Blake Madison 

Denny Sanford – South Dakota State University Scholars: Ciena Addison, Cheyloh Brockel, Abigail Buchmann, Elizabeth DeBoer, Jocelyn Hamilton, Jada Plastow, Amanda Reff, Olivia Schanzebach, Leo Steffl, Montana Stirling

Denny Sanford – University of California at San Diego Scholars: Dylan Booher, Henna Malikyar, Lana Murray, PeytonOcallaghan, Daniella Perez, Esppy Rodriguez, Stephanie Tran 

Denny Sanford – University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Scholars: Ezra Albright, Zoe Baker, Sam Bakri, Meti Burussie, Jesus Cazares-Reyes, Fatima Garza-Ramon, Viktor Grin, Ava Howard, Yahye Hussien, Jaxon Kroger, Muna Musse, Vivian Pham, Talia Roitburd, Aren Steever, Mitchell Toft, Maggie Wang, Michael Wosenyeleh, Chittra Xiong, Chutima Xiong, Ka Xiong, Mai Yang, Seng Yang, Kaylie Youngberg 

Denny Sanford – University of Sioux Falls Scholars: Mckenna Comstock, Chloe Ferguson, Kayla Schleppenbach, Addison Thie, Paris Whalen 

Denny Sanford – University of South Dakota Scholars: Sussely Avila, Kayla Aymar, Lily DuBray, Jaquelin Escalante, Blake Farstveet, Mariah Friedrichsen, Kristina Glazier, Rose Grabow, Kaytlyn Hilligas, Ciera Himes, Shawntel Hohn, Thomas Honeywell, Carly Kunkel, Maicee Lanphear, Ntombi Ngeleka, Elizabeth Richardson, Henry Roth, Racheal Schmitt, Kizmin Sell, Lilian Shari, Annie Tran 

High Point University Scholars: Kaitlyn Cruz, Jacob Dillman 

Hormel Scholars: Dominic Apolo, Bradley Farr, Erica Lundberg, Ku Reh 

Idaho State University Scholar: Erick Nunez 

Janet S. Dicke Scholar: Macey Chandler 

Joe Robert Scholars: Sophia Forrester, Ruth Hailu, Jamell Overton 

Melvyn N. Klein Scholars: Carlos Carrete, Emily Rinehart, Melanie Rodriguez 

Patrick P. Lee Scholars: Monica Aros, Elizabeth Bernier, Monica Hines, Mckayla Kurtz, Joseph Martini, Jaquan Starling, Destiny Venable, Rachel Violette 

Santa Clara University – Schott Family Scholars: Lauryn Ige, Lesley Sabas Ruano, Gillian Tran 

Tandon STEM Scholars: Giancarlos Cabrera, Rana Mohamed, Joshua Quatela 

Tessler Family Scholars: Marwa Ibrahim, Laura Rendon Albarracin 

Trott Family Scholars: Gracyn Baxter, Roxanna Beers, Nathaniel Shields, Hannah Tuttle, Victoria Wertz 

Vance Cryer Scholar: Mara Galeai