Recognizing Lifetime Achievement

Each year, the Association presents the Horatio Alger Award and offers lifetime membership to individuals of outstanding character, whose lives and actions demonstrate the power of the human spirit. This prestigious accolade acknowledges their unwavering commitment to their goals, their prodigious accomplishments, and their enduring impact on their respective fields.

2024 Horatio Alger Awards
Induction Ceremonies

Join Us!

Mark your calendars for the 77th Horatio Alger Awards Induction Ceremonies (April 4-6, 2024 | Washington, D.C.) and join us in celebrating the power and promise of the American Dream. During a series of exclusive events, the Horatio Alger Association will pay tribute to extraordinary individuals who have overcome significant obstacles and attained remarkable success. Through inspiring speeches, captivating performances, and the presentation of the prestigious awards, the ceremonies will foster a profound sense of motivation and reinforce the belief that opportunities are limitless in America.