Coffman, Max, 1967.png

1967 Horatio Alger Award Recipient

Max Coffman*


Mammoth Mart, Inc.

Max Coffman was one of eight children born to Russian immigrant parents in Quincy, Massachusetts. He started working at an early age and contributed to the family income by delivering groceries as a boy. After high school, he b...

Collier, David C, 1964.png

1979 Horatio Alger Award Recipient

David C. Collier*

Group Vice President

General Motors Corporation

David Collier was born in Hardisty, in the Canadian province of Alberta, in 1929, one day after the great stock market crash. He was one of five children of a traveling Nazarene preacher. Collier helped his family financially b...

Collins, Carr P, 1964.png

1964 Horatio Alger Award Recipient

Carr P. Collins*


Fidelity Union Life Insurance Co.

Carr Collins was born in 1892 in Chester, Texas. His mother died when he was a child, causing Collins to live with various relatives in his hometown. While growing up, Collins worked in the fields, taught school, and so...

Collins, James A, 1987.jpg

1987 Horatio Alger Award Recipient

James A. Collins

Chairman & CEO

Collins Food International, Inc.

Born in Huntington Park, California, James Collins was the son of an engineer. When he was 11, Collins helped his father build a house for their family. He earned 50 cents a day on the construction project, and by the end of th...

Colloton, John W, 2002.png

2002 Horatio Alger Award Recipient

John W. Colloton

Retired Director and CEO Emeritus

University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

The third of five children, John Colloton was born in 1931 in Mason City, Iowa. His parents were the grandchildren of Irish immigrants, and the Colloton family lived in an enclave known as Irish Row. They centered their lives o...

Connally, John B, 1982.png

1982 Horatio Alger Award Recipient

John B. Connally*

Former Governor of Texas

Former Secretary of the Treasury

Born in 1917 in Floresville, Texas, John Connally was one of seven children. When he was 10 years old, his family moved to San Antonio. There, Connally delivered milk from a dairy truck after school in exchange for dairy produc...

Conti, Armando, 1956.png

1956 Horatio Alger Award Recipient

Armando Conti*


Trenton Beverage Co.

At the age of 16, Armando Conti left his native town of San Giacomo, Italy, and immigrated to the United States. He was sent to West Virginia, where he worked in a coal mine while studying English at night. Seven years later, C...

Small, Rose Cook, 1977.png

1977 Horatio Alger Award Recipient

Rose Goldberg Cook*

Founder and Vice President

Bluebird, Inc.

The daughter of poor immigrants, Rose Goldberg Cook was born and raised in Camden, New Jersey. To help her parents support their six children, Cook sold produce on street corners by the age of 12. She dropped out of school befo...

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2010 Horatio Alger Award Recipient

William Alfred Cook*

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Cook Group Incorporated

Bill Cook was born in 1931 in Mattoon, Illinois. His father was a traveling insurance salesman who went from farm to farm throughout the Midwest selling protective farming insurance, as well as subscriptions to Prairie Farmer m...

Cooperman, Leon G, 2015.png

2015 Horatio Alger Award Recipient

Leon G. Cooperman

Founder, Chairman and CEO

Omega Advisors, Inc.

Leon "Lee" Cooperman was born in 1943 in New York's South Bronx, the son of Polish immigrants. His father was a plumber and a "workaholic." says Cooperman. "He worked six days a week and was a good provider. We were lower-middl...

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