Horatio Alger Award

International Award

In 2003, the Horatio Alger Association presented the first International Horatio Alger Award to a citizen of another country. This expansion of the Association’s mission was done to recognize that the values that have led to personal success in the United States are also applicable to people in other countries. Traditionally, the Association presents one International Horatio Alger Award a year, and thus far, all of the recipients have been Canadian citizens.

As with the Horatio Alger Award, recipients of this award must have overcome humble beginnings and/or adversity to achieve success. They serve as outstanding role models and are committed to the Association’s mission of encouraging and educating today’s young people. International Horatio Alger Award recipients are accorded the same rights and responsibilities of membership as their American counterparts. The following Association Members have received the International Horatio Alger Award: