Giving to the Horatio Alger Association

The Association, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit educational organization, is wholly funded by private sector support. Members of the Association, other individuals, and organizations annually give generously to ensure the continued success and expansion of the Horatio Alger Association’s mission.

Contributions are accepted by check, wire transfer or stock transfer. The association does not accept on-line contributions.

Please mail checks to the following address:

Horatio Alger Association
99 Canal Center Plaza
Suite 320
Alexandria, Virginia 22314

Please contact the association at (703) 684-9444 for information regarding wire or stock transfers.

More information on giving to the Association is available below.

Annual Horatio Alger Awards Induction Ceremonies

The Annual Horatio Alger Awards Induction Ceremonies are held in our nation’s capital each spring to present the Horatio Alger Award to ten outstanding Americans. Nearly 1,000 Members and guests attend the dinner. Members of the Association, organizations and other individuals are invited to attend or make a general contribution in honor of the individuals being inducted. These contributions underwrite the programs offered by the Association, and all contributors are acknowledged in the Association’s printed materials. Contributions to the Induction Ceremony in excess of the fair market value for services received are tax deductible. Please contact the Association for more information about the Awards Induction Ceremonies.

Giving Clubs

Support from both Members and Friends of the Association is necessary to successfully meet the goals of awarding scholarships annually and continuously increasing their number. The Association has established two giving clubs to support its educational programs. Membership in giving clubs is available to both Members and non-Members.
  • Founder's Club—club members pledge to contribute $20,000 annually over five years to the Association’s scholarship fund, for a total of $100,000.
  • Chairman’s Club—club members pledge to contribute $10,000 annually over five years to the Association’s scholarship fund, for a total of $50,000.

Additional information on the giving clubs is available from the Association’s headquarters.

State Scholarship Programs

Members and friends of the Association have in many cases chosen to fund scholarships in states where they have personal or business ties. Currently the Association provides state scholarships in all 50 states, though many of those are funded directly through the Association rather than by the designated support of an individual or organization. Scholars benefit from knowing that someone has taken an interest in their success and show their appreciation through annual thank you notes and updates on their progress through college. If you are interested in sponsoring scholarships, please contact the Association for more information.

Planned Giving

Members and friends of the Association who wish to help secure the future of the educational programs may do so through a planned gift or bequest to the Association. A planned gift or bequest may take the form of cash, real estate, securities, insurance policies, tangible property or other assets. A gift to the Association can also benefit heirs by helping alleviate the tax burden levied on inheritances. Additional information on all aspects of bequests and planned giving is available from the Association’s headquarters.

Endowment Fund

The Association’s Endowment Fund was established to ensure the future of the Association’s educational programs and activities. Thanks to the leadership of its Board of Directors and the commitment of its Members, the Association reached its initial endowment goal of $100 million in 2011 and has since extended this goal to $250 million. Any person or entity may make a contribution to the Endowment Fund and all contributions are tax deductible to the donor. The Association is exempt from all taxes on the gift and the income received from the Endowment Fund. This allows 100 percent of the income from the Endowment Fund to annually support the mission of the Association. The Association’s Endowment Fund is managed by a committee appointed by the President of the Association. Contributions to the Endowment Fund are invested today for income and growth, ensuring the future strength and security of the educational programs of the Association.


Corporations, foundations, organizations and individuals offer support for special programs of the Association. These programs focus on specialized scholarships, internships and other educational activities. At the request of the donor, contributions may be designated to support a specific project or program. The Association’s staff will develop specific project proposals for organizations and individuals interested in contributing to the success of the programs.

Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area

The Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans has been included in the Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area (CFCNCA) since 2008. The Association is eligible to receive donations from Federal Government employees seeking to assist qualified and reputable charities. To learn more about Combined Federal Campaign or to make a much-appreciated contribution, please visit (# 77062)

Friends of Distinction

Friends of Distinction are individuals, foundations and corporations committed to upholding and advancing the mission of the Association through financial support of its educational programs. Friends of Distinction are recognized by the Members of the Horatio Alger Association for their support of one or more of the following programs: Investing in America’s Future endowment campaign, state scholarship programs, giving clubs or general contributions. Becoming a Friend of Distinction is a way for individuals who are not Members of the Association to become formally affiliated with, and recognized by, the Horatio Alger Association for advancing its mission and supporting its programs. For more information about how to become a Horatio Alger Friend of Distinction, contact the Association’s headquarters. To download the Friends of Distinction brochure, click here.